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These are important issues which deserve full disclosure. What you read below is an attempt to express clearly how we feel about privacy and ethics and how we will treat you. Likely you will detect this was not written by a lawyer. If you see anything that concerns you please let us know.


Any information we have about you will remain secured and not be provided to any third party without your permission. If you contact us with comments, feedback, questions, or other transient matters we will only keep your information on hand long enough to reply. We may retain a copy of emails we have sent you but they will only be used for followup on the issues you initiated and not used to create a mailing list. Of course if we post a form to fill out to join a mailing list, then we will keep that information for the mailing list.

We will not attempt to load cookies on your computer or download software to run on your computer when you visit our website. Two exceptions may be the flash animation that plays when you arrive at the site and the scrolling news ticker. They do nothing more than you see. We will not attempt to track your visits other than to log a total visitor count.

Bottom line is it should always be obvious to you what we are doing and we don't expect you will ever be surprised. If you have any questions about our policy please ask - we will answer.


We will always disclose any affiliations any of us have with any other organization that we review, reference, or to which we refer you. We do not receive kickbacks or other compensations for any other web site or organization linked, reviewed, or discussed on on these pages. Any exceptions (such as some of us working for another organization) will be clearly disclosed.

We will say what we really think or tell you we have to withhold comment if we are uncomfortable speaking our mind. We will endeavor to be as objective as possible and clearly state when opinion is involved.

We will treat you as we would hope to be treated.

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